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Old Hemp # 9

By all accounts Hemp benefited from the best genetics of both his parents and none of their weaknesses being strong eyed, friendly, out going, with impressive power on his stock, all traits that he passed on to his numerous progeny. Hemp was a handsome medium sized dog with a thick double coat and half cast ears.

The History of Border Collie Types

The ancestors of our Border Collies of today were originally bred in the border districts between Scotland and England starting nearly 450 years ago. It was in 1873 that the first herding trial was held in the UK and in 1906 a stud book registry; the International Sheep Dog Society was organized to track the development of the breed. Border Collies have been bred for centuries for their working abilities, herding talents, loyalty, dedication, disposition and intelligence over their outward appearance.

It was not until after World War II that the name of Border Collie came into common use, prior to 1948 the breed was called the Working Collie, highlighting the importance of usefulness over all else.

Four distinct styles or types of Border Collies developed as a result of breeding for brains over beauty; the Old Hemp or Northumbrian type; the Wiston Cap type; the Whitehope's Nap type; and the Herdsman's or farmer's type.

The Northumbrian Type

Old Hemp # 9 is commonly considered the preeminent foundation sire of our modern breed, he sired more than 200 pups and indeed most of our modern Champions will be found to trace back to him. Old Hemp was born in 1893 bred by Adam Telfer from his very strong eyed black coated and shy Meg, and sired by the tri colored, friendly outgoing but plain working Roy .

William's Imported Fly

In our own kennels we have our William's Imported Fly, a two time Texas State Champion and former Texas Dog of the Year; and her daughter my Breeze as inheritors not only of Hemp's type but also his working style. The Northumbrian type is distinguished by their medium stature and relatively long body with full double to medium thick coats and slightly more conservative markings.