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About Our Litters:

We breed only from accomplished stock dogs that are hip and eye tested clear. All of our litters are whelped in the house to insure that they develop an early bond with people. We spend 3-4 hours a day with the pups from the time their eyes open. They are exposed to cats, kids, older dogs and riding in the car.  

Once old enough to keep up, the pups are taken on walks-where they learn to come when called, to be around livestock, gates and fences and are instilled with the importance of basic manners. Before leaving Kinnic Creek, all of our pups have undergone a thorough physical exam by the licensed veterinarians at New Hope Animal Hospital - Home  and have been started on an age appropriate vaccination and heartworm series. The pups are also eye examined by Canine Ophthamologist at the University of Minnesota and they are micro-chip implanted with HomeAgain locator chips. Our pups are registered with the American Border Collie Association in Perkinston , MS , or the International Sheep Dog Society in Bedford , England , United Kingdom . 

If you are interested in reserving a pup we suggest you call early,
as our waiting list fills up quickly.

Upcoming Litters:

We are eagerly awaiting the birth of three litters of puppies that are due the end of March here at Kinnic Creek Kennels.

Our First Expected Litter

Our first litter is a repeat of our popular previous breeding out of my Imported Shep and my Imported Style, those puppies have made names for themselves in their training in search and rescue, herding, obedience, therapy work and as treasured companions--this will be Miss Style's final litter, as she has earned a lovely long retirement and to enjoy watching the successes of her children and grandchildren for what we hope will be a very long time.  We will be expecting rough coated, both black and whites and tri colored babies out of this mating.

Imported Style, is a very bidable dog off stock, but she is a strong no nonsense dog on stock, a very strong cow dog, she can also do ducks, or literally anything that moves--the house cats being a favorite hobby of hers when there is nothing else about. She is also very energetic and responsive, very affectionate with people, an extremely outgoing little gal, even with strangers, which is not typical for Border Collie females. Style and all her babies really like to snuggle. She is a rare curly coated Border Collie, black and white, and an excellent Mama.

Our Imported Style and Imported Shep litter are expected to be born in early March.

Our Second Expected Litter

Our second currently bred litter is also be a repeat of a very popular litter out of my Imported Shep and my Breeze. This breeding will be all rough coated pups both black and whites and tri colored babies.

Breeze, the Mama to our second planned litter is a darling, she was born and bred here, and has one of the very best pedigrees possible either here or in the UK, she is out of my William's Imported Fly who was a multiple time qualifier for the US National Championships, 1998 and 1999 Texas State Champion and 1999 Texas Dog of the year. Breeze's Mama, William's Fly was sired by Aled Owen's Welsh National Champion Ben and brother to Aled's International Supreme Champion Roy. Breeze's sire was Rodney Cotton's Imported Cap a National Team competitor in the International Supreme Championships before he emigrated and a multiple time qualifying contender for the US National Championship. Breeze is a good solid sheep herder, she is too strong for ducks and doesn't particularly care for goats but will do them if it doesn't seem to be a chance to get anything better, a sweet and gentle dog with a great deal of power on the livestock and a winning way off stock as well, she is typically female Border Collie being slightly shy with strangers at first but totally dedicated to family. This is a repeat of our spring 2007 and spring 2008 breeding that is proving to be very successful.

Breeze's litter will also be sired by my Imported Shep. These puppies are also due to be born in early March.

Our Third Expected Litter

Kinnic Meg will be the Mama of our late March litter. There are not enough words to convey what a wonderful dog Meg is--she is sweet, talented and just simply the most fantastic little lady--I can't count the number of folks who are charter members of her fan club! Meg is my 'training dog', when we have folks come out for herding lessons Meg is the teacher--since she will literally work with anyone and is a natural born teacher, she has taught more people the basics of herding, balance, sides, flanks and the elements of style than I care to count.

Meg is the Daughter of my late Imported Coed Bill and our Watkin's Imported Fly.  Imported Coed Bill, Meg's sire, was multiple time qualifier for the US Nationals, he was sired by Aled Owen's Welsh National Champion Ben.  Bill was a brother to Aled's International Supreme Champion Roy, a half brother to Ceri Jones Rundle's great Bwlch Hemp and a half brother to our own two time Texas State Champion and Texas Dog of the Year our William's Imported Fly.

Meg's Mama is our Watkin's Imported Fly.  Fly came to us from the Welsh National Champion Nigel Watkins after having a very successful trial career in Wales .  Her niece, Nigel's Peg, was a 4th place competitor at the International Supreme Championships and a Welsh National Champion. The sire of Meg's litter is my smooth coated Welsh imported male Imported Roy, Roy is a big boned black and white charmer who is unbelievably talented. I purchased him from Aled Owen who by the time Roy was 9 months old already had him doing a complete International style herding course. He is a big lap dog, affectionate, sometimes silly, playful and responsive guy who loves to hug the ginger cat every time he bounds through the living room--most times it is okay by the cat unless he has been sound asleep! Roy gets along with almost everybody he has ever met, and is a strong and dedicated worker. From all reports of folks who have gotten Roy pups, they are universally wonderful and the pups that have come back to visit are charming, dedicated to their owners with their Dad's sense of humor.  

Looking Ahead to late Summer 2009

Our fall potential Mama is our Fleece, who is a very talented three year old daughter of our Shep and Breeze, who we are planning to breed to our Imported Roy for her very first litter come fall 2009.

We are also contemplating litters for our Qwist, who is the Granddaughter of my all time greatest dog, my Jerry, and she indeed lives up to his winning ways and stylish working abilities; her sire is my Imported Shep. We are currently looking for an appropriate mate for her.

All of our breeding dogs eyes are certified (CERF) free of PRA/CEA both progressive inherited blindness maladies of Border Collies, and the puppies will be examined and individually certified at the age of 7 weeks as well (just because the parents have clear certifications doesn't guarantee that the pups will as well, so you want to make certain that you get a pup that has had its own eyes certified). All parents in our breeding program have also had their hips certified as 'Good' or 'Excellent' by the OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, Dysplasia Control Registry).



If you are interested in any of these matings we will be happy to provide you with complete pedigrees and photos upon request.


Started and Trained Dogs


We have successfully placed started and trained dogs in livestock herding and goose control situations nationwide. Please contact us to inquire on current trained dogs available. If we do not have what you are looking for we may be able to put you in contact with someone who has the type of dog you need, so contact us for more information.